Business Sector:

- Secondment Services

This specifically includes providing the appropriate needed Manpower to the Business Sector in accordance to the work nature provided. Manpower shall be under the sponsorship of SAED Istigdam. Customer shall provide the housing and all needed living needs alongside the business requirements.

- Mediation

This service is provided when you have the Manpower needed and visas are available. SAED ISTIGDAM shall be responsible for completing all needed process for Manpower Services against paying arising dues;


- House Holds
- Laborers

This sector specializes in Labors and Households services, this shall include but not limited to: Drivers, maids, gardeners, home expeditor etc....
The Service is provided through simple procedures, workers can be acquired from different nationalities at competitive prices compared to the market. Saed Istigdam offers the worker the following:

  • Health insurance for the worker
  • Recruiting the labor under the sponsorship of Saed Istigdam Company
  • Receiving the labor in convenient time
  • Replacing labor in cases of work refusal or escape as per the company's policies